With years of experience as creatives and producers, Annie and Lewis are always up to the challenge of finding a creative solution to a performing arts challenge.

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Supporting Artists and Building Audiences

Tenille Dyne, Directing Mentee,
Creating Caberet Project.


Empire Theatres, Toowoomba -  Creating Cabaret Project

In 2015, WIV Presents, partnering with the Empire Theatres Projects Company and supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund delivered the Creating Cabaret project, in which five local vocalists had the opportunity to undertake an extended creative development process leading up to a showing of their ‘works-in-progress’.

A key element of the project was the mentoring of local emerging arts practitioners in the roles of creative producer, director and musical director and a continuation of the project, focused on the delivery of full performances is in development.

In debriefing with the artists and the mentees, the feedback was unanimously positive and a number of performance opportunities have already been created for participants.

My role as Director Mentee will assist in my work with community theatre groups. I feel more confident to take on the challenges of larger projects, with a clearer understanding of how to engage performers and creative team members. This project has also inspired me and the other mentees to work together again, and seek out opportunities for local performers when and where we can.

I truly hope that others are able to take part in and be nurtured through this effective process, attentively guided by Annie and Lewis.


Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts first partnered with Annie Peterson in 2012 to present the iconic Women in Voice cabaret series and we will present the production for the fourth time in 2016.  In 2015, Annie joined with Lewis Jones to create WiV Presents forming a highly experienced producing partnership in support of our presentation of 'Larry Paradiseo and the Fabulous Dame Farrar' and ‘#FirstWorldWhiteGirls’ seasons. Both productions have since toured to regional Queensland.

Annie and Lewis bring to the Queensland performing arts scene an unparalleled breadth and depth of experience.  We look forward to continuing to partner with them to support Queensland artists in the development of their own unique voices and to connect them with audiences locally, nationally and internationally.


Jeanette Wedmaier, Projects Manager,
Empire Theatres, Toowoomba

WIV Presents grows artists and audiences.

We support artists to develop their own unique artistic voice.

And we create opportunities for them to share that voice with audiences, both existing and new.

Whether it is developing and delivering presentation and touring opportunities for established artists or working in a community to develop and share the talent that exists within, our philosophy of championing each artist’s unique voice remains constant.

WIV Presents is Annie Peterson and Lewis Jones.

Ruth Hodgman, Director
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts